You might not wish to lug a laptop filled with your favorite celebration photos along with you to work. Thus, storing them on an external drive may be the choice for you.

space in your pc’s hard disk drive

If you don’t have a lot of photos in your internal drive, you might consider using an external drive to just back up the photographs that you do have. space in your pc's hard disk driveAfter all, it might not be wise to have all your photos saved in 1 location. If your computer suffers an accident, or your laptop is stolen or broken, you’re running the risk of losing your precious photos forever.


Furthermore, photos can occupy a surprisingly large amount of room. If you take photos using a standing Digital Single Lens Reflection camera, then it is very likely your unedited photos will be in a very large, very space intensive format. Normally, DSLR photos will be over 1500 megapixels and are likely to be either in RAW or JPEG formats. Files this big can fill up gigabytes of space very quickly!


They will let you save raw, unedited pictures from your clients’ events without taking up precious space in your pc’s hard disk drive. If you prefer to keep an archive of your old photos, it is likely that you will have the best external hard drive. It is also likely that these drives will be relatively big, since photography is work that needs hundreds of gigabytes of saving space.


External hard drives operate exactly the same as inner ones. This means you can simply plug into your external drive and begin editing your photographs right in their original file. Then, upon editing them, you can return them into your external drive without taking up more space on your private computer.


External hard drives have far more benefits than drawbacks. Therefore, if you want to back up your photos, or if you merely need a trustworthy archive for your photographs, then a external hard drive is just what you want!