For example, when a drive reads monitor 0, it reads monitor 0 for all surfaces. The paths are aligned, and so the businesses on the tracks. So any change, would misaligned the sectors from 1 platter to the next. It is safe to say that nobody can realign platters on a 3.5″ form factor drives found on desktops and externals.

external hard disk sits on a stand

Even with no disc platter shift, motor problems are the Achilles’ heel of data recovery. You can not just remove the platters and move them on a different disk.external hard disk sits on a stand Some companies have introduced some platter tools, however there is nothing out there we know of is 100% full proof.


Another component that usually gets damaged is your read/write head stack. The read/write heads, upon the fall, would smack on the dish, or the ramp (on several forces, it is outside of the platter). The outer border of platters with ramp sometimes gets ruined where the outer edge of platters fulfill the ramp.


As you can see, there are many things that could go wrong with a dropped outside. Now, what are you doing to prevent that from happening to you? It is virtually an epidemic that we get this type of calls from clients, and I feel bad for them.


Here is how I can assist you. If the best external hard drive sits on a stand, place it flat. Lay it flat even with no stand. If the rack is attached with screws, then remove it, and lay it flat. Manufactures should know by today to design all of them to be flat over the desk.


We used them to conserve client data. We tell our engineers to put them flat on their stomach to copy the recovered data.


When you place them level, keep the power cord and USB wire from reach of kids, dogs and yourself. Do not overload your sockets, it is a fire danger. Shorten the period of your power cords by linking them . It saves to be neat with your power cords.